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Teva Announces Newly Named Grant Program and 2015 Awardees at Boston Symposium
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Teva recognizes that great medicines begin with great science. In 2008, under the leadership and guidance of Richard Egosi, Group Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer and Marc Goshko, Vice President, Product & Patent Strategy, Teva initiated the Teva Pharmaceuticals Scholars Grant Program to provide research funds to recently tenured university professors whose work was related to organic and medicinal chemistry. Since that time, Teva has provided nearly $2 million dollars in grant funding for important research in various areas such as natural product synthesis, liposomes, modification of microRNA and synthetic lectins.

Spearheading the establishment of the grant program was particularly important to Marc. He was delighted at our chance to give back and support important research. Marc joined Teva’s Regulatory group in 1986. During his 27 years with Teva, Marc built the foundations in the U.S. for the Government Affairs, Clinical Trials, Project Management, Biopharmaceuticals and Intellectual Property groups and also managed these functions. He was well respected among top-regulatory attorneys and the FDA, and was regarded as highly knowledgeable in the Hatch-Waxman and Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Acts. Surprisingly, Marc had no formal legal training. His zest for life, thirst for knowledge, endless curiosity and keen intellect made him a formidable opponent as well as an amazing teacher. Marc had a true gift for taking the most complex of issues and making it easy for anyone to understand. Sadly, Marc passed away in November 2013. Marc’s generosity of spirit and self are only a part of his legacy. For those of us who were lucky enough to have worked with Marc, his knowledge, perspective, advice and sense of humor are truly missed.

Marc Goshko

This year, in honor of Marc, Teva has re-established the Teva Pharmaceutical Scholars Grant Program, now known as the Teva Pharmaceuticals Marc A. Goshko Memorial Grant Program.

At the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting and Exhibition in August 2015, Teva had the honor of hosting a symposium featuring presentations from the program’s 2012-2015 winners. At the symposium held in Boston, we also unveiled the newly named program and announced the three new grant winners.

The recipients of the 2015-2018 Teva Pharmaceuticals Mark A. Goshko Memorial Grant Program are:

  • Amy Barrios – University of Utah, Medicinal Chemistry Dept. – "A Unified Approach to the Development of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Targeted Chemical Probes"
  • Tehshik Yoon – University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chemistry Dept. – "Practical Photochemical Synthesis: Enabling Exploration of Uncharted Chemical Space"
  • Ryan Looper – University of Utah, Chemistry Dept. – "Repurposing Old Scaffolds as New Anti-Tubercular Leads"

We’re very pleased, in honor of Marc, to continue this tradition of "Leading the Way" by supporting this important academic research in the areas of organic and medicinal chemistry.