Media FAQ

Teva news, press releases, and media contact information

Q.Should Teva be written in all capital letters?
A.No. The only time Teva should appear in all capitals is in reference to our NYSE stock ticker (TEVA). Any other reference to the company should appear with only a capital “T” (Teva).

Q.How do you pronounce “Teva”?
A.“Teva” is the Hebrew word for “nature” and it is pronounced TĔH-vah (teh-vah).

Q.How can I get permission to use Teva content (images or text) in my publication?
A.Send an email with detailed information about the intended use, along with the text or images you are seeking to use, to

Q.What are the correct trademark notations for your products?
A.See Specialty Medicines for the list of Teva’s specialty medicines in the United States and their trademark symbols.

Q.Can you send me: The Teva logo? A photo of an executive? A product?
A.Send an email stating you what you want to use the logo/image for, and your desired file type, to